Day Six

As I said yesterday I will have the joy of staying put for the next few weeks! I am not complaining it is good to be with family and I look froward to seeing what all has changed over the last few years since I have been gone. Today was one of those less exciting…

Day Five

I made it to NC! Which will kinda be my base of operations for the month of November! There is like a ton of cool stuff today so be sure and read the whole post!

Day Four

Today I got to see the Best of what Chattanooga had to offer! It was a great adventure! It is nice to know a whole group of young people that are living in the same area and have been here and to visit on a day many of the group happen to have off! We…

Home Sweet Home

So I know on Day Three I mentioned the Home Sweet Home sign and said there was a story behind it but that had been a long day so I wanted to get some sleep so I would explain later. This is that explanation. So I am going to start by saying this trip is something…

Day Three

It has been a long day and most of it I have been driving so my post wont be super long tonight. I will say that there is a story to the Home Sweet Home Sign! But because I am so tiered I will need to save it for another day! But Basically I woke…

Day Two

Oh My goodness! This place is incredibly beautiful! If you have never been to Arkansas in the fall this is the time of year to visit! Also it helps to have friends that live in a lovely house in the woods where the leave are all changing color!

Day One

Okay so I am notorious for not posting often so know that two updates in one day is very unusual for me and may not be the norm! I am going to try to be pretty regular about updating but it may be once a week or even once a month depending on how busy I am at the end of my days and/or how interesting my day could have been!

Hitting the road!

Today I start a journey that I am sure will shape the rest of my life! I am leaving to go spend the next year or so traveling the country!

Dreaming Outside My Box

I am so excited to jump into this year with full enthusiasm! Happy New Year to everyone! 2017 is going to be better than you expect.

Target Daze

I am not usually the one to weigh in on these types of subjects because honestly I am not a fan of the endless arguing that comes from the ridiculous people who are too naive to admit that other people have differing opinions and just because you yell louder does not mean that people will change…