About Me

PictureAnd whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. ~ Colossians 3:17

I am me and I like it that way!
Daughter, Sister, Friend and so much more! These are just a few things that I am!
Wife, Mother, Author and many other things! These are things I hope to one day be!

That is the short version! I have always been a free spirit if you don’t believe me just ask my mom! She would be one of the people that encouraged that in me which has helped me become the young woman I have become today. I am the daughter of a Cancer widow… My father lost his battle with cancer in Sept of 2011. We as a family were by his side through every phase of the battle. We as a family have grown in ways that I think only families who have fought on some sort of battlefield together would… Whether it is the Battlefield of terminal illness, abuse, tragedy or whatever craziness the world has to put you though. All I know is as a family we walked through the valley of death and despite our loss we kept our salvation… Our relationships with one another are stronger and our trust in the Lord is unwavering! God is so faithful and I say it all the time! Mostly because it’s true… I can say that out of experience… No matter what crazy things lie ahead of me these things are small next to the One who prepares the way for me!

I love my family & friends!
I love Church on the Hill… I love my church so much that I included it in my Bio.
God has put amazing people in my life and I am so thankful for that!
I love people!
I love loving people!
But mostly I love Jesus and that He lets me be an extension of His arms to love people!

Things I like:
I like to use exclamation points & ellipsis… So try not to mind because you will see them a lot!
I like to take pictures… I use a Nikon D750 in case you were wondering!
I like to write… I like to share what’s on my heart & where my journey takes me!
I like art… I paint and draw mostly!
I like to cook… Mostly Italian & Mexican food!
I like to dance… So put on your dancing shoes because here we go!
I like traveling… I would go everywhere in the world if I could but so far I have only made it to India & Belize and most of the USA!


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