Week Nine

Back on the road again! Yesterday I was driving and then had to work on a couple things pretty late so I wasn’t able to update everyone then! It was really cool to ring in the new year one of the places where I grew up! I love that I came to Jesus very near where I was visiting! God really found me in this place over 23 years ago! Now as for the random picture of my laptop with Vitamin water and Bread… Well one of our family traditions is the ring in the new year together with communion and well I didn’t have any grape juice so rolled with it and even though we were in different parts of the country we were able to be together through a technology that was only in it’s testing stages 20 years ago. (we would know. our family tested when dad was in Kuwait in the 90’s I have pictures somewhere I will try to find them sometime to share) Also I think it is pretty cool that my last post of 2017 made it to my top nine on Instagram which if you aren’t following me you should be because lately I have started being almost more active on Instagram than I am on Facebook! So this is my first official update on the new site! I hope you like it! I am hoping to get a few more non-update posts finished soon! I look forward to 2018! It will be a wonderful year I am sure! Click Picture to see this post on the new website:


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