Week Seven

I can’t believe it is almost Christmas already! Next update will be one of the last of the year! Ahh! Also Most Likely my next update will be made from my next stop where I will have parted from my family and moved on the the official start of this Journey that also comes with the start of the year! Let’s see! Okay so this week has included the usual amount of business busy work that my average week contains! My work is not entertaining for the masses it is mostly staring at computer and using said computer to create things, change things or rearrange things. You probably do different but similar things with computers yourself. This weeks exciting updates include long drives to Visit with old friends and what I was originally going to include in this post but ended up making it a separate post Reading has changed my life again.

First on Friday afternoon this last week I jumped in my car an drove like 4 hours down to Fort Lauderdale to visit with a couple that used to lead the small group I attended at COTH in Texas Until they relocated to Florida for work. A Huge Thank you to Todd & Tracey for letting me crash your weekend and getting me a proper Cuban Sandwich and for eating Indian food with me! I was really craving Butter Chicken! It was nice to connect with some friends and to go on another adventure in Florida even if I am a little tiny bit over Florida! Basically once the weather starts getting hot I am ready to leave! So this week the weather started to reach the 80’s I was ready to throw up the deuces and get out of dodge! But I only have two weeks left in the state and thankfully next week will be in the Panhandle which is at least further north and also happens to be where I spent a good portion of my childhood. I also haven’t been back in almost 20 years so I am not too mad about it.

Well I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a great holiday I hope you are spending your time with those that you love! Many blessings to you all! Here are a few pictures from this week!


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