Reading has Changed My Life Again

Okay so if you are friends with me on Facebook this week I posted about how many books I have read this year. I am a frequent user of GoodReads in fact I am pretty sure I posted about it in a past blog. Well as of this update right now I have read nearly 90 proper books (Meaning Not Short Stories) this year! Now I will state that probably around 75% or more of those books were consumed via Audio book. Which if you are an auditory processor like me is often better than reading the words off the page! Now as for how reading changed my life well obviously there is probably a good book evolved! Well actually there are two, one of which I am only about half way through, but I will be finishing it before the end of the year! The first one I want to talk about is the one I have already finished because the other one has a lot more to the story. Earlier this week I was watching a Ted Talk and the speaker mentioned the book Steal Like An Artist, and so being the avid reader I am I looked the book up to see if I could, using my library of different ways to borrow, listen to or buy books, find it. After quick success finding the Ebook via Hoopla I proceeded to borrow the book via my library so I could read it later. Which I did as I went to bed! In 45 minutes I finished nearly half the book and had to stop because it had literately shifted my entire way of thinking! The crazy thing is that what I reading was stuff I had heard before in some form but as I was reading it was like everything was falling into place and suddenly had context! This book may not change everyone but it inspired me to not just read it and adopt it’s principles in my day to day life but it also inspired me to go out and spend a few dollars to read it in the good old fashioned analog format. This is kinda a big deal since as a traveler I don’t have a lot of room for new things in my stuff. But I think it was worth it because it will also be a reminder of the lessons I learned from its pages and to keep practicing these very simple principles in my day to day life as a creative!20171219_171152_HDR.jpg

My brother asked me to read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People a couple weeks ago and so I found the audio book before leaving for Florida I listened to some of it on my way down here a couple weeks ago but managed to listen to more of it this weekend driving to and from Fort Lauderdale. The part that really spoke to me was where he talks about having a personal or family mission statement part of the reason this spoke to me is that it reminded me of the Message Miss Jami Preached at COTH the week I left where she gave us each a scroll to write a personal or family mission statement on to really establish the motivation and purpose to your family unit. Well this has been something I have been procrastinating because honestly I didn’t want to do it! My reason for not wanting to do it was a bit petty. I didn’t want to do it because I have been angry about being single and being asked to make a family mission statement I know there are those that understand my feelings but I also know that being angry about a situation will do nothing to change it in fact it simply makes you miserable whilst perpetuating the circumstances! The book convicted me into really thinking about why I was not taking actions and then ultimately empowered me to take this opportunity to establish my core motivation for waking up in the morning and going about my life! I found a new freedom in establishing these core principles that I hold dear and important without bitterness because there is no one to help me establish them but rather knowing that one day when I do have someone in my life he will help hopefully embrace and add to this mission statement when we start to found our family. But I digress I would like to take a moment to share my personal mission statement This is the reason I get up each day and what motivates me to keep living my life to its fullest!

Alicia’s Mission Statement:

Live Creatively, seeking Adventure with Dreams of being closer to my Creator! Loving without limitation & Sharing experiences for the Growth of Community in the Kingdom of God! Trying not to take myself so seriously that I forget to Laugh when things get crazy!

Mission Statement-Insta

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