Week Four

A day later than I have been posting but I didn’t forget about you! The holiday season has officially started! Which means the Christmas tunes start! I love this time of year! A season of giving and spending time with your family! That is my favorite! For those of you who are at least closely acquainted with me then you know the best way to share love with me is to spend time with me! When it comes to love languages my meter is fully tipped to quality time! That’s why I was so devastated by my canceled dinners two weeks ago! Thankfully those have been rescheduled and I am so glad to say that I will be over the next couple days be spending some time with those people! Now aside from being with my family for Thanksgiving last week I have lead a relatively boring working days for the last few days! Although last night my brother and I decided to go do an escape room! Which as a huge fan of classic mysteries like Agatha Christie & Nancy Drew Novels and a quality time person what is more fun than solving puzzles for an hour with your friends or in this case My bro (AKA: Best Friend & Business Partner)! A couple years ago I discovered escape rooms and Paul has been with me at almost all of the ones I have done and as of now we still stand undefeated! Yes! If you live in the Matthews North Carolina area then I highly recommend Escape Matthews. If you would like some recommendations I can tell you my favorite rooms in the DFW area! I might put them up on my Pinterest Boards for Things to Do. Now Last week I mentioned that my mom gave me a gift! It is one I want to share with you but it will get it’s own post like the Home Sweet Home Sign! This week will be very busy! I have Dinner with Friends tomorrow night, a Christmas Tea with Grandma on Saturday, Paul Flies out on Sunday, dinner with more friends on Monday and then I will be packing up my car and heading to Florida on Tuesday & Wednesday! So I may update from the road on Tuesday or Wednesday! I will also note that this last week was Small Business Saturday and we visited a few local spots to Shop Small! Here are a few pictures from this week!


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