Week Two

I can’t believe it has already been two weeks! I have really enjoyed being with my grandparents it is fun to spend my day working then my evenings usually watching TV or puzzling with Grandma! My recent breakfast obsession is Avocado Toast! So yummy! The pictures are my last 4 days worth of breakfast! I know my pictures are not super exciting but me working is not super exciting to see. I went to church at Joy Church on Sunday and ate lunch at Carrabba’s. So Fun! As for the last random picture! That is the crazy Huge Aldi they have here! It is one of the newly remolded kind which was super cool! I was only there for a few minutes because I got there so close to closing time. I will share more on Aldi later when I get really get the chance to check it out for longer! If you know me you know I am an avid reader if you don’t know me really well just know that I really love to read as in As of today I have read 68 books this year to date! If you would like to know what I am reading you are welcome to check out my goodreads Account. All that to say I went with my grandparents yesterday to see “Murder on the Orient Express” on Tuesday which is one of Agatha Christie’s amazing novels that I absolutely loved! I will say that the movie was incredibly beautifully set and wonderfully executed! I am super excited for Thanksgiving because my Grandparents are flying Paul & Mom to town for Thanksgiving! I will have more exciting week three than this week ended up being. I was going to be spending time with some old friends but it is cold season and because of that I have had to reschedule some visits due to sick families! After the second family had to cancel I was considering investing in a hazmat suit. Okay so I am joking a little but I am excited to see people and spend more time with family! Thank you for continue to be a part of my journey! Here are the pictures even though I am sure you have looked at them because I talked about them in my post:

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