Day Five

I made it to NC! Which will kinda be my base of operations for the month of November! There is like a ton of cool stuff today so be sure and read the whole post! So all my Charlotte people I am here and ready for getting together for hugs, food and fun!

Today is not just about my arrival here there was so much that happened today I am hoping I can cover it all in a short update! First my Chatt host home got up like crazy early and made breakfast (Not as crazy thanks to the time change but it was still pretty early). Then I met an old friend from my NC days for coffee before leaving Chattanooga area.

When I started driving I had two options as for routes to drive the Charlotte the long/faster way around the mountains via the Highway up through Knoxville or the straight shot through the mountains. Being that it is fall and I have been missing the mountains I took the mountain route knowing that although short is technically the more scenic route. Due to the fact that it has been just over six years since I was out here and most of my trips between TX & NC I have gone through Knoxville instead of Chattanooga. All that to say I didn’t realize that I was going to drive through the Nantahala River Gorge until I turned a corner and suddenly I was in it! This means nothing to most if not all of you! But to me I was on a roller coaster of emotion. For those who are so confused right now let me explain. When my father died six years ago he wanted his ashes split and spread in three places. His family home in Pennsylvania, Ocean City Maryland & the Nantahala River. So Six years ago My mom, My brother & I took the first part of my fathers ashes and laid them to rest in this area. I didn’t realize how much it meant to me to come full circle like this before I really set out on this huge journey! It is amazing how the Lord knows better than we do! In a tiny way today I visited my dad as a small part of starting this journey!

No matter how much of the planning I do I am so thankful that the Lord is the one ordering my steps because he knows just how to time things in ways I never could have planned for this next part is one of the best examples of how good He is at timing things perfectly! So when I updated on Wednesday Night and posted to My Instagram Stories I decided to take a few minutes to watch through some of my friends stories (Which I don’t do that often) while watching I saw that one of my roomies from my first year at CFNI was just arriving in Charlotte for a couple days! So when I saw that I decided to message her via Instagram in response to her story and find out if she was still going to be there when I got there today! Her response was that she was leaving on Saturday so I wouldn’t be able to see her… We were both a little bummed by this! It has been 8 or 9 years since we have seen each other. I asked her where she was going after Charlotte  because I would be driving from Chattanooga on Sunday on the long shot possibility that she happened to be near where I was traveling! Not only was she along the way she was literally staying in the town that I was already planning to stop for lunch! How amazing is God? I mean that is some crazy cool stuff! We met for coffee and talked for a while it was so cool of God to show off in such a cool way on this trip! I will be sure and put her links in here because Shay is crazy cool and Changing the world for Jesus everyday! You should follow her on social media and see her journey as it continues to unfold! Find her on IG here @shayarthur Also if you want to help support her missions work here is where you can do that: Raising Funds for Ignite A Movement.

Wow that was a lot to do today!  Okay so there are a few pictures below!

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